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In-company course Dutch

The Lingo Amsterdam in-company course Dutch is a weekly lesson series to help your colleagues learn the Dutch language in an engaging and enjoyable way.

The course can be complemented with immersive activities.

Learning another language 
is like becoming 
another person.

Haruki Murakami

Why offer a Dutch course?

Learning Dutch is not just about language proficiency; it is the key to success and happiness in society. Offering Dutch lessons to your employees can have many benefits:

  • Contribute to a positive work environment by enhancing communication and teambuilding;

  • Benefit the sustainable employability and retainment of your colleagues;

  • Promote cultural integration and strengthen  involvement between colleagues;

  • Improve the quality of life of your employees as they feel more at home in the Netherlands.


  • A 10-week course with lessons of 2 hours;

  • A group consists of max. 15 participants;

  • Lessons can be either offered live or online;

  • One course covers a half level of the European Framework of Reference (CEFR). In two terms, students reach 1 level. At level A2, one is able to have simple interactions in present and past.

  • The investment for a 20-hour course in 10 lessons, including 2x online question hour, mid- & end-term, is on request.


All courses can be tailored to the organization. Feel free to ask for the possibilities. 


Taalcafé, a playful and interactive way of learning by doing in an informal setting. Rate as addition to a course on request.


A 3-hour excursion to put knowledge into practice, to challenge the students and learn about local culture. Theme and level are tailored to the group.


A Boekenclub for more advanced students, using books to improve reading and grammar. Rate on request.

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