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Lingo Amsterdam

Lingo Amsterdam is based in the capital of the Netherlands, in which many people experienced the joy of learning this interesting language called Dutch. No, not Deutsch - that's German. And to keep on tumbling into the confusion of a new language: wie in Dutch means who in German, and who in English is the same as hoe in Dutch, which means how. When you're curious to untangle this, you might enjoy a Dutch class. If you just want to know what Lingo does, keep on reading.


About Lingo

Language learning is not about knowing all the grammar, but about connecting to people in a way that's new. Uncomfortable at first, but nothing beats the realisation that you're implicitly applying a rule perfectly. And that's the feeling we're going for at Lingo. At Lingo Amsterdam we are genuinely interested in language and teaching - now add some humor to make the process more fun.

Lingo Amsterdam was founded by Joos Jonges, a language lover at heart. Quitting Theatre School - because she found studying Shakespeare's texts more interesting than performing them - she realised that it was in fact language that makes her tail wiggle. After a BA in General Linguistics, she finished her MA in Language, Culture and Cognition cum laude. Her specialisation in multilingualism, language identity and language teaching form a solid base for her Dutch teaching skills. Also, her joy in sharing music, poetry and performance result in classes that are never dull.

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