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Kickstart your day with a 10-minute morning routine

Yes, you have a busy schedule. Yes, your bed is comfortable. Yes, learning Dutch can be fun! Take 10 minutes every morning and boost your learning. Read along and find some inspiration to kickstart another day of learning Dutch!

Crossword puzzle

Do a crossword puzzle while you’re still in bed, for instance by Lexis Rex.

Good news if you don't know the word yet: you're learning!


Make the Dutch version of Wordle, Woordle. 6 attempts for a 5 letter word, are you up for a challenge?


Use your favorite app

Replace 10 minutes of snoozing by using your favorite language learning app, like Duolingo, Babbel or Memrise. 

Maybe you don't learn the most useful phrases, but at least you're practicing!


When you’re applying your face creams, or while you’re in the shower: repeat a couple of Dutch affirmations to help yourself believe in your capacity to learn Dutch. Je kunt het!

Ik kan Nederlands leren spreken. Vandaag leer ik drie nieuwe woorden. Nederlands leren is leuk!


Write a small paragraph about your day. What’s on the program? Can you incorporate a tiny Dutch challenge, for instance only speaking Dutch with the staff at the bar?

Weather forecast

Read the weather forecast on NOS - maybe not the best idea to stay optimistic, but insightful nonetheless: At least you'll know if you need to pack your regenpak!


Stop snoozing and start learning. Even on the busiest of days, you'll find 10 minutes to practice. Kickstart another day of learning Dutch and believe in yourself!

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