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In-company Dutch


The Lingo Amsterdam Taalcafé is an informal in-company get-together to practice your Dutch language skills with colleagues in an accessible and enjoyable way, focussing on interaction and learning by doing.


A playful practice in learning Dutch.

What is Taalcafé?

The Dutch Taalcafé is a playful approach to learning a foreign language. It includes elements of storytelling, art & culture and teambuilding. Its main goal is speech confidence, thus inviting participants to use the language in a practical way.

Possible themes to cover are:

1. Getting to know each other; 2. Free time; 3. On the street; 4. Home & living; 5. Work; 6. Feeling sick; 7. Celebration;

8. Holidays; 9. The Netherlands; 10. Amsterdam.

The sessions can be complemented with an excursion in the city of Amsterdam.


A complete in-company course Dutch of 10 weeks, in which we work on all aspects of the language in 2-hour lessons. One course covers a half-level (CEFR). Rate upon request.


A 3-hour excursion to put knowledge into practice, to challenge the students and learn about local culture. Theme and level are tailored to the group.


A Boekenclub for more advanced students, using books to improve reading and grammar. Rate upon request.

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