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Lingo Amsterdam

Learn Dutch. Learn Lingo

Lingo Amsterdam is an Amsterdam-based language school for learning Dutch. We offer in-company courses Dutch, private lessons Dutch, Dutch crash courses and Dutch for children. From beginners to advanced Dutch learners, we're passionate about this lingo.

Our offer

Learning Dutch is more than perfecting your pronunciation of 'g', it's about getting to know a new way of thinking and dreaming - you're not just widening your palate, but your view too.

Lingo Amsterdam is convinced that learning Dutch can be fun, engaging and immensely interesting. Whether you're motivated to tell jokes in fluent Dutch, do some serious negotiations, or you want to be able to order a kopstootje in a brown bar, Lingo Amsterdam will show you the way.

Find out which course matches your goals.

In company course Dutch

Learning the local language can help your employees ground in the Netherlands. From beginner's courses to advanced, Lingo helps your colleagues to learn Dutch - online or at the office. 

Crash course Dutch

You want to learn a lot of Dutch, in little time. A crash course Dutch offers you just that. Dependent on your proficiency goals, Lingo offers immersive courses to pump up your level. Dive into Dutch!

Private lessons Dutch

A private tutor Dutch can help you to learn the language in a way that suits your personal learning preferences. Be it music, hardcore grammar class or linguistic city outings: start learning.

Dutch for children

Learning Dutch for children focusses mostly on increasing vocabulary, and grammar follows implicitly. How do we call the left toe? And what is the difference between giechelen and lachen?

Learn Dutch


Find out what previous students and HR executives say about learning Dutch with Lingo Amsterdam.

Joos is truly an amazing teacher! I have struggled for a long time to learn the Dutch language but Joos has the remarkable gift of making each class engaging, interactive and fun! She works with your needs on how you can best learn, for me it's music. And helps you understand not only the fundamentals of the language but also how the language is used colloquially. Book her now, you will be very happy you did! Je krijgt er geen spijt van!!!

Ruben, Global Media Partnerships at Philips


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We got you convinced you or your colleagues are ready to learn Dutch with Lingo Amsterdam?

Drop* a message so we can discuss your wishes and goals, assess your level and find a course that suits your linguistic needs.

*drop happens to be a delicious Dutch treat

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